Conference sub-themes

Shared Power

  • How, when and where does philanthropy share power? Is shared power actually achievable?
  • The Conference audience will hear from diverse voices, including people with lived and living experience.
  • Topics covered will include participatory governance, community-led grantmaking, trust-based philanthropy, and more.

Shared Capital

  • How funding is used in different ways, such as the growing focus on impact investing and blended finance.
  • The concept that ‘philanthropy is risk capital’, and what that means for practice.
  • ‘Moonshot philanthropy’ – what is it and what is it aiming to achieve?
  • Social enterprises and how they can support mission delivery. 

Shared Stories

  • Storytelling is a powerful way to inspire others and achieve change.
  • This theme will look at working together through giving circles and other collective giving models.
  • We’ll investigate the pros and cons of government partnerships and how to effectively advocate for changes in government policy.
  • Philanthropy Australia will launch volume 2 of ‘Inspiring Stories of Giving’. 

Shared Futures

  • How does philanthropy support the Sustainable Development Goals and work together at a time of climate crisis?
  • How is the sector encouraging the next and future generations of philanthropists?
  • We'll explore different ways to give including ‘spend down’ and giving through bequests to help create a legacy. 

Shared Knowledge:

  • How do we measure and evaluate what matters.
  • How do we ‘pay what it takes’ and change practice to not discount the importance of core funding and overheads in delivering mission.
  • What is the best way to document and share lessons with others in our sector? Reports, tools, lenses, media, and more. 

Shared Place:

  • We recognise the Kaurna people are the traditional custodians of the land where the Conference is taking place.
  • The importance of considering place in philanthropy and what that means.
  • An opportunity to showcase philanthropy in South Australia and philanthropic opportunities across the state.
  • An overview of philanthropic work connected to place, including the role of community foundations.